API Documentation

Welcome to the Feed Tool API. The Feed Tool API is the foundation of our technology, and is available for you to use to build your own applications. Your Feed Tool API key can be found on your Settings page.

Keep your API key secure.

Make sure to only use the Feed Tool API in server-to-server communication, and never in client-side applications and/or exposed in the source code of your web pages.

Base URL


API Methods

Error Handling

If an error occurs, the API response will be a JSON object where the status indicates there has been an error:

{ "status": "error", "message": "Detailed description of error" }

The JSON object will also include a detailed message of the error, and which fields were responsible, if applicable.

JSON Format

When posting content to the feed/outgoing/items/edit and feed/outgoing/items/add endpoints, you must adhere to a very specific JSON format. Our format is a valid JSON array with very specific field names.

One item:

[{"title": "Title 1", "description": "Description 1", "link": "http://www.url1.com", "guid": "12345"}]

Many items:

  {"title": "Title 1", "description": "Description 1", "link": "http://www.url1.com", "guid": "12345"},
  {"title": "Title 2", "description": "Description 2", "link": "http://www.url2.com", "guid": "67890"}

The full list of valid fields are: